The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time Out (1959)


CL 1397

 2341 - The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out (US Mono)(Front)

    • Originally Released:  1959

    • This Release:   1960

    • Mastering:   Unknown

    • Comments:   Here’s a great example of a record playing well above it’s appearance. This second mono pressing was purchased from an online seller who described the vinyl as G+. Most sellers would have given it a VG grade, but they would have been wrong. There are many, many hairline marks and it is obvious from this, and the spindle marks on the labels, that this has been played many times and not especially well cared for. However, the seller also added a description, saying that side A plays great and side B has occasional light noise. The asking price was $5.00 USD so I thought it was worth taking a chance. I’m glad I did. Because it is a mono recording, a lot of noise is reduced by using y-cables to sum the channels (there’s no need to do this is you have a mono switch on your amp or a dedicated mono cartridge). If this was a stereo recording I suspect the noise would have been very distracting. As for the sound, it is exceptional, as is the music.

Do you have this pressing? If so, what do you think? Do you have a different pressing? How is it? Please feel free to comment.

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Back Cover

Back Cover



Label - Side A

Label – Side A



Label - Side B

Label – Side B


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