Dark – Dark Round The Edges (1972)

Machu Picchu, Ltd.


#2260 - Dark - Dark Round the Edges (Front)

    • Originally Released:  1972

    • This Release:   2013

    • Mastering:   Bob Weston

    • Comments:   After hearing this album online a few times I had to find a vinyl copy. However, with only 60 copies in existence (!!!), it was easier said than done. Thankfully my timing just happened to coincide with this deluxe reissue by Machu Picchu (distributed by Light in the Attic Records). It’s obvious that a lot of care went in to this package, from the beautiful gatefold cover to the 20 page booklet, as well as the high quality vinyl itself. The vinyl mastering was handled by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. I don’t know if he had the original analogue tapes or a digital transfer, but he has managed to create a very analogue and warm sounding record. There’s a nice big sound stage here with that distinctive early 70’s bass feel which I personally love. As for the music itself, think late 60’s / early 70’s prog/psych with cool riffs and stretched out guitar solos. Highly recommended.

Do you have this pressing? If so, what do you think? Do you have a different pressing? How is it? Please feel free to comment.

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Back Cover

Back Cover


Label A

Label A


Label B

Label B





Booklet - Front

Booklet – Front





Discogs Link

2013 Interview with Steve Giles from Dark


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