Astra – The Black Chord (2012)

Rise Above Records


    • Originally Released:  27 March 2012

    • This Release:   2012

    • Mastering:   ???

    • Comments:   Beautiful orange/black vinyl with stunning gatefold artwork. This particular pressing is limited to 500 copies, with another 500 on transparent orange vinyl and 500 on splatter vinyl. Comes with a 4-page booklet attached to the inside of the gatefold, reminiscent of Black Sabbath’s Vol. 4. As for the music, it’s a great example of modern progressive rock with some not so subtle Pink Floyd overtones. The final track, “Barefoot in the Head”, is my current frontrunner for song of the year.

Do you have this pressing? If so, what do you think? Do you have a different pressing? How is it? Please feel free to comment.
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Outer Gatefold

Inner Gatefold 1

Inner Gatefold 2

Label A

Label B

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